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Experience powerful UV disinfection systems for homes and light commercial applications. Space-efficient design, easy maintenance, and reliable performance. Contact us now!

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Effective UV Disinfection Systems for Properties in Conroe, TX, Lake Jackson, TX, Servicing All of Brazoria County, and the Surrounding Areas

At Alamo Water Softeners of Montgomery, we offer advanced UV disinfection systems that utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your water. Our UV disinfection systems are perfect for larger homes or light commercial applications, providing powerful disinfection capabilities with flow rates of up to 18 GPM (70 LPM). Our services are available in Montgomery, TX, and surrounding areas.

Light Disinfection Technology You Can Trust

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Space Efficient: Our UV disinfection systems incorporate high UV output lamp technology, allowing for a compact design without compromising performance. You can enjoy the same level of UV disinfection in a smaller footprint.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Our systems are equipped with an audible lamp replacement reminder and countdown timer, along with a digital display. The controller also features an alarm function that alerts you in case of lamp failure.
  • Reliability: With the constant current feature, our UV disinfection systems ensure a stable UV lamp output, even in the face of power fluctuations. This guarantees consistent and reliable disinfection performance.
  • High-Performance UV Lamp: Our UV lamps undergo rigorous testing to ensure consistent output throughout their entire lifespan of 9000 hours. You can trust that our systems will deliver effective disinfection for an extended period.
  • Applications: Our UV disinfection systems are versatile and can be used for a wide range of whole-home and point-of-entry water treatment solutions. Whether you need disinfection for your home, cottage, or OEM application, our systems provide the ideal solution.

Disinfect Your Water Today

Trust Smooth Water Solutions, LLC for top-of-the-line UV disinfection systems. Contact us today to learn more about how our ultraviolet disinfection systems can keep your water clean, safe, and free from harmful microorganisms. We serve clients in Conroe, TX, Lake Jackson, TX, Brazoria County, and the surrounding areas.