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Creating Healthier Homes

Experience clean, pure water like never before with our whole house reverse osmosis system. With the capability to remove a vast range of contaminants, we guarantee a noticeable difference in your water quality.

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Soft Water, Softer Living

Ensure soft, clean water flows through your home with our unrivaled water softener service. We offer high-quality water softeners tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting results.

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Salt-Free, Hassle-Free

Revel in the benefits of softened water without the need for salt with our salt free water conditioner. Enjoy minimized scale build-up and improved water appliance efficiency without any sodium intake concerns.

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    Reverse Osmosis Products

    Discover our reverse osmosis products designed to provide you with the purest water. Our cutting-edge systems effectively eliminate harmful substances, ensuring your water is safe and healthy.

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    Water Softeners

    Our water softeners remove hardness that causes scale build-up, protecting your appliances and improving water taste. Trust in our efficient, long-lasting systems for superior water softening solutions.

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    Saltless Conditioner

    Our Saltless Conditioner creates micro-crystals to inhibit scale build-up, providing a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solution for hard water problems. Experience the difference today!

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Premium Water Treatment Company Serving Conroe, TX, Lake Jackson, TX, All of Brazoria County, and the Surrounding Areas

Smooth Water Solutions, LLC is the leading water treatment company in Conroe, TX, servicing Lake Jackson, TX, all of Brazoria County, and the surrounding areas, delivering high-quality water solutions to residential and commercial clients in the area and beyond. Our dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from competitors. With a combined experience of almost 40 years, we take pride in our expertise, commitment, and the professional relationships we build with our clients. Our team of trained technicians leverages their extensive knowledge to provide exceptional services ranging from whole house reverse osmosis systems to water softeners, salt-free water conditioners, and comprehensive water treatment systems. At Smooth Water Solutions, LLC, we strive to enhance the quality of your water, ensuring a healthier, happier home or workplace.

Experience the Smooth Water Solutions Difference in Water Treatment Services

Choosing Smooth Water Solutions in Conroe, TX, Lake Jackson, TX, Brazoria County, and the surrounding areas as your water treatment company guarantees you not just impeccable services but also a relationship built on trust, quality, and integrity. We’re deeply committed to providing our clients with top-tier water solutions tailored to their unique needs. With a strong understanding of local water conditions, we design and implement systems that effectively address common water issues in the area. Furthermore, our free water assessment with a trained technician allows us to fully understand your water quality issues and recommend the most suitable solutions. We understand the importance of clean, safe water in your homes and businesses, and that’s why we’re committed to providing the highest quality services. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your water quality. Call us today, and let us transform your water experience!

Creating Healthier Homes

At Smooth Water Solutions, our motto “Creating Healthier Homes” is more than just a slogan; it’s the driving force behind our commitment to providing the best water treatment services. We believe that clean, safe, and pure water plays a crucial role in a healthy home environment, contributing to overall well-being. By eliminating harmful contaminants from your water supply through our top-notch services like reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, salt-free conditioners, and UV systems, we not only enhance the quality of your water but also positively impact your health and lifestyle. From reducing skin irritations caused by hard water to ensuring safer water for drinking and cooking, our services transform your water experience, contributing to a healthier, happier home. Trust us to make a significant difference in your water quality and, ultimately, in the health of your home.

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Customer Reviews


Steven N.


Friendly, quick, and simple to work with. Thanks to Ross and Ryan for their help and service!

Home Advisor


Brian L.


Ross from Smooth Water Solutions contacted me to first schedule appointment to test our water quality. I explained the issue with my existing water softener system and he advised me to bypass the system to avoid further complications. Ross showed up as scheduled, tested the water and provided estimate for replacement system. He also explained the required maintenance for their system. Price was reasonable so I went with Smooth Water Solutions. Replacement system was installed as scheduled in spite of inclement weather that day. Ross was also able to change out filters for my RO system. Very satisfied with the service, responsiveness and quality of work by Ross.

Home Advisor


Duong T.


On time, fair prices and knowledgeable.

Home Advisor


Michael J.


Responsive, efficient, friendly, and good prices! Will definitely be my go-to providers.

Home Advisor


Dat N.


They were efficient and did a great job.

Home Advisor


Shawn M.


Kept in good contact and was quick to respond to requests for information. When I decided to go with them they came out two days after (the day I asked for) and installed a water softener in a couple of hours. Upfront about everything

Home Advisor


Sumit B.


They were great about the process and upfront about pricing and everything. Professionally done with no issues thus far. They also welcome any calls for any questions you have on your system.

Home Advisor


Matthias O.


My experience with the company was all positive and would recommend to anyone in need of similar service. I hired them to install a third party whole house water filtration and softener system. They came on-time on the agreed upon date to installed the system and provided all the necessary information to properly operate and maintain the system. Ross also followed up after a few days to make sure everything is working as it should. I mentioned to him some leaks from the fittings and he came out promptly to resolve issue.

Home Advisor


Taylor R.


Does great work and knows what he is doing!

Home Advisor


Jarrett L.


From start to finish, my total experience was amazing. With how brackish my water was he took the time to find the right system for me and made sure my water was perfect. He even followed up with me later to make sure the water quality was still up to par and to see if I had any questions. I certainly recommend Ross Thull at Smooth Water Solutions to everyone.

Home Advisor

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